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Friday, July 29, 2005

Melody in the movies: 1985 (continued)

Rajiv Vijaykar (Screen)


RD Burman's Alag Alag is his second best (after Saagar) and his only other musical hit this year, led by the Kishore-Lata duets 'Dil mein aag lagaaye...' (with a solo version by Kishore), 'Kuchh humko tumse...' and 'Kagaz kalam davaat...'. Yesudas sings his only song for the composer, 'Ram Rahim mein antar nahin...' (with Asha Bhosle).

RD Burman's Raahi Badal Gaye has great music but the film's failure sends the score into quick oblivion. The songs are led by Burman's own tangy rendition of 'Aasmaan se ek sitara...', the two-version 'Meri dua hai..' (Shailendra Singh-Kavita Krishnamurthi and Kishore solo) and Kishore's 'Jannat ki yeh vaadi hai...'.
[To be continued]

Friday, July 22, 2005

Melody in the movies: 1985

Rajiv Vijaykar (Screen)

...Mohammed Aziz, the more recent and ultimate of Rafi clones, makes his debut with Shiva Ka Insaaf under RD Burman. Though this is his first release, Aakhir Kyon? under Rajesh Roshan is his ticket to big-time. He recorded his first song for Anu Malik’s Mard that releases later in the year.
[To be continued]

Friday, July 15, 2005

Melody in the movies: 1984 (continued)

Rajiv Vijaykar (Screen)

T-Series, the label owned by Gulshan Kumar and his fledgling company Super Cassettes Industries Pvt. Ltd. (which later became Super Cassettes Industries Pvt. Ltd.), makes its entry into the arena of original film soundtracks ...

...The company’s first big-budget acquisition is Pramod Chakravorty’s Hindi-Bengali bi-lingual Jagir/Teen Murti. It has music by RD Burman and lyrics by Anand Bakshi for the Hindi version, and Gauri Prasanna Majumdar for the Bengali version.


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