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Friday, October 11, 2002

From Pancham Group: Meree Sangeet Yaatra - Rahul Dev Burman - 1

Here's something which has been a source of great insight for me into Pancham, both as a human being and a music composer. It has also answered me a lot of questions, not only related to Pancham, Gulzar and Asha and many of their songs but some others as well.

As you might know 'Meree Sangeet Yaatra' was a radio series (part of their regular programme 'Sangeet Sarita'), and was broadcasted on Vividh Bharati sometime in late 80s (After release of Dil Padosi
Hai). It was then re-aired in Feb 1994, after RD's demise. And now there's a talk of another re-broadcast of the series. Just make sure you don't miss it, if it happens.

I have the entire recording with me (as may be many others) and plan to share it with you in a different format, that is through text transliteration. Of course, this is nowhere near the same as listening the voices of the trio with all the nuances and emphasises
and chuckles.. but I have tried my best to reproduce it at least verbatim. I will be doing one song at a time. A typical episode had two songs. The series consisted of 15 such episodes. And we are starting
from the very beginning. This episode is produced in full..

Meree Sangeet Yaatra - Rahul Dev Burman
with Gulzar and Asha Bhonsle

Aired on Vividh Bharati
Episode 1

sangeet sarita ka 'program' sunne waaloN, namaste..

The trio talks about "bheenee bheenee bhor" from DPH

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