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Friday, October 11, 2002

Meree Sangeet Yaatra - R D Burman - 16: Episode 9, Part 1

Resuming the series after a short, unplanned break. Though as much I fear that the absence might not have even been noticed, I will yet try to continue posting the remaining parts of the series, at regular frequency.

Today's part is about a lovely, exuberant, fresh and highly unusual (in terms of execution, and without much ado about it) song from Ijaazat - baarisho.n ke paanii se. One interesting thing that is discussed in this episode is the way, as Gulzar describes, a song's music creation process gives picturisation ideas to the director. On second thoughts, it might well have been an exclusive Gulzar-Pancham case.

The song in question, however, would present, even to a visually challenged a very descriptive imagery of a rain-soaked valley - just the music of it. Of course, those who have seen it on screen would find themselves inside the valley, even before the prelude is finished.



P.S.: I am also posting the Nagari Unicode version of the episode along.

Meree Sangeet Yaatra - R D Burman - 16: Episode 9, Part 1

gaane ham roj gaate hai.n. sunate bhii roj hai.n... doosaro.n ke gaane. par apanii khaas ek pasand hotii hai.. jis_me.n wo gaanaa apane man ko achchhaa lagataa hai. shaayad apane jeevan kii kisii yaad se ju.Daa hotaa hai. sur achchhe hote hai.n.. yaa 'picturise' bahut achchhaa kiyaa hotaa hai.. jo apane man me.n hameshaa ke liye wo rah jaataa hai

kis gaane kaa zikra ho rahaa hai?

mai.n ye gaanaa kah rahii hoo.N.. baarisho.n ke paanii se.. jo aapakaa likhaa huaa hai..

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