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Friday, October 11, 2002

Meree Sangeet Yaatra - R D Burman - 3: Episode 2, Part 2

In this part they talk about another gem that came out of the RD-Gulzar factory - 'raina beetee jaaye'. RD makes an interesting point regarding the use of raag-based songs in filmi situations. One can also see that RDs process of song-making was not entirely devoid of considerations for aspects of classical music. So next time if you
find a trace of a raag in an RDB song, don't just pass it as a chance. He really meant it. He knew his raags better than he made us believe he knew.



Meree Sangeet Yaatra - R D Burman - 3: Episode 2, Part 2

burman saahab (sings..) raina beetee jaaye, shyaam na aaye, raina beetee jaaye (RD: waah.. ye gaanaa "aapko" kaise yaad aa gaya) pata naheeN ye bahut sundar gaana hai.. mujhe bahut pasand hai.

ye gaana ye raag aapne raat ko kaise diya.

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