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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Melody in the movies: 1976

Rajiv Vijaykar (Screen)

Rahul Dev Burman scores a triumph with Mehbooba that boasts of evergreen hits like the melodious 'Mere naina saawan bhadon...' (the Kishore Kumar version overshadowing Lata's version), 'Parbat ke peeche...', 'Main tawaif hoon mujra karoongi...' and the folk exotica 'Chalo ri chalo ri...'

Maha Chor has 'Hindu hoon main na Mussalmaan hoon...' and 'Main tumse pyar karti hoon...', the only popular song Lata has sung for Neetu Singh under RD Burman's baton. Anand Bakshi sings his only duet with Asha –'Sun Banto baat meri...'. He also sings 'Jagat musafirkhana...' in Balika Badhu, which is noted, apart from the Amit Kumar hit, 'Bade achche lagne lage...' , for the fleetingly popular Rafi number, 'Yeh chudiyaan nahin hathkadiyaan hai...'.

Khalifa is remembered for 'Tak dhin tak...', a fun duet by Kishore Kumar and Manna Dey, and 'Dil machal rahaa hai...' (Kishore-Asha). Kishore adds to his kitty two more popular duets, 'Rang le aayenge...' (with Asha) and 'Aankhen milayenge...' (with Lata) from Bhanwar.

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