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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Melody in the movies: 1978

Rajiv Vijaykar (Screen)

RD Burman has no real chart-smasher for the first time in his career. He scores a winner though with Shalimar and Rafi's 'Naag devta...'. Asha's title-track, Lata's 'Aaina wohi rehta hai...' and Kishore's 'Hum bewafa hargiz na the...' are also hits.

RD does two more Dharmendra starrers. Three songs of Azaad—the title-track, 'Raju chal Raju...' and 'Kaun mil gaya...' are tepidly popular. Phandebaaz has two more such numbers, 'Abhi gyarah nahin baje hai..' and 'Duniya mein paisa bina...'

Kitaab's 'Dhanno ki ankhon mein...' is appreciated for being different among RD's self-rendered songs. Old timer Rajkumari also sings her last song, 'Hari din to beeta..' for this film.

Kasme Vaade has a very popular title-track. Two other songs are equaly popular, 'Mile jo kadi kadi..' and 'Aati rahengi baharen..' RD again renders the fleetingly popular 'Kal kya hoga..'

Though Bhola Bhala does not get a proper release, it's Kishore solo, 'Kal tak main akela tha aaj zamana saath hai..' is appreciated.

Devta has 'Chand churaake laya hoon...' but is more remarkable for its finer songs that do not get popular endorsement — Lata's 'Main to kaare badarvaa se haari...', Kishore-Lata's 'Gulmohur gar tumhara naam hota..' and Rafi's superb 'Jab ek kazaa se guzron to...'

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