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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Melody in the movies: 1979

Rajiv Vijaykar (Screen)

RD Burman too has a weak year by his standards. His biggest hit is Gol Maal, with Kishore's 'Aanewala pal...' and RD's own title-track with Sapan Chakravorty. The remaining two songs are 'Ek baat kahoon gar maano tum...' and 'Sapno mein dekha sapna...'

Jhoota Kahin Ka boasts of the evergreen 'Jeevan ke har mod pe...' and other less popular songs like 'Jhoota kahin ka mujhe aisa mila...', 'Barah baje ke suiyon jaise...' and 'Dil mein jo mere samaa gayi...'

Nauker's 'Pallu latke...' and 'Chandni re jhoom...' and Hamare Tumhaare's 'Accha chalo baba maaf kar do...', 'Kuch tum karo kuch hum karen...' and 'Hum aur tum the saathi...' are modestly popular, as is the title song from Dhongee.

Jurmana boasts of just one splendid gem, Lata's 'Saawan ke jhoole pade...', and Manzil of the two-version 'Rim jhim gire saawan...', but RD scores better in The Great Gambler.Actor Sharad Kumar joins Asha in 'Do lafzon ki hai dil ki kahani...', Kishore-Asha's 'Pehle pehle pyar ki mulaaqaatein yaad hai...' and Asha's 'O diwanon dil sambhaalo...', all hits. However, popularity eludes the dulcet Asha number 'Tum kitne din baad mile...'.

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